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Weekly RPG Games by our in-house Professionals

If your an experienced player looking for a regular weekly game, featuring a dynamic and engaging story; look no further!

Legends is Hex’s premier RPG program, enthralling over sixty players each week! Join our professional staff Game Masters as they craft unique adventures in your favorite systems, and work your character into an ever-evolving narrative!

Legends pricing is set at $22.50 a session, and is charged monthly. Price includes guaranteed seating for your game even on our busiest days, to run the game and enrich that experience with off-the-table communication, and everything you need to play your dream RPG!

Check below for openings in our ongoing Legends Games!

If you are interested in Joining one of our games, please send an Email to for assistance with getting started.

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition.

Meets Mondays, 7pm – 11pm