Hex & Company

host your Party or event at Hex&Co.!

We’ve hosted birthday parties for kids and adults, helped large student groups find a fun way to spend an evening, managed tournaments of every kind, and are quickly becoming a favorite bar and bat mitzvah option. Corporate events, too, are more fun with 1000+ games to break the ice!

Pricing varies based on time of day and day of the week- starting at $10 per person. We can work with most budgets and needs, from themed Pokemon parties to hosting the launch of your Kickstarter project.

Private rooms and full venue buyouts are available! Note that we do book up in advance, so please plan ahead- payments are required to finalize reservations. We can provide staff to host and help teach games too!

Request a Reservation

To reserve a table, please send an email to US@hexnyc.com and include the following information:

  • Date of requested reservation
  • Desired start time
  • Expected number of attendees
  • Which Hex&Co. location you are reserving for (East/West)
  • Any services you may need: group catering, staff hosting, private space, or cake cutting.

Please let us know if this is a kid’s party, as we can help with making sure everyone has a good time!

Our Reservation policies

Minimum reservation party size is two.

We require a minimum of  24 hour notice for reservations.  

Ordering in outside food or drink for your event is prohibited.  If you have special circumstances and desire this policy waived,  you should note this in your reservation request.

We provide cake-cutting for customer provided cakes and pastries for a small fee. (Hex&Co. does not provide birthday confection services).

For children’s parties, adult attendees should be tallied with the total seat count reservation request.

Other restrictions may apply depending on the specific circumstances of your event.  Our staff will discuss any unusual needs you may have during the reservation process.