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Magic: The Gathering returns to one of the most popular planes in its Multiverse for its September 2020 installment — Zendikar.

This time, though, we witness a plane in renaissance.

With the help of the Gatewatch, Zendikar and its denizens have been able to thwart the seemingly inevitable total annihilation at the hands of the Eldrazi titans. What awaits the remnant that survived the extraplanar invasion? What surprises and challenges will the very plane itself present, now that its extraordinarily strong mana is in the wild throes of resurgence? Surely, many more adventures are on the horizon for those that call Zendikar home, as well as for the planeswalkers that visit.

Preorder your Zendikar Rising product now and be a part of the story!

We are not yet taking preorders for Zendikar Rising Commander Decks or Theme Boosters.
Stay tuned for their addition to our offering below.

Prerelease Pack

  • Six (6) Draft Booster packs
  • One (1) rare or mythic rare date-stamped prerelease promo card
  • One (1) 20-sided spindown die
You and a friend can enjoy the prerelease experience safely and socially distanced, by each purchasing a Prerelease Pack and participating in At-Home Prerelease.

Draft Booster Box

  • 36 Draft Booster packs
  • Includes one (1) copy of Buy-a-Box promo
Draft Booster packs are the traditional, 15-card packs that are used for all limited (Sealed and Booster Draft format) Magic tournaments.

Collector Booster Box

  • 12 Collector Booster packs
  • Includes one (1) copy of Buy-a-Box promo
Collector Booster packs, first introduced with Throne of Eldraine, are 15-card packs containing a high concentration of premium (foil) versions of cards from the set, as well as showcase versions of cards.

Set Booster Box

  • 30 Set Booster packs
Set Boosters are a new type of booster aimed at those who might not play as much limited-format Magic (Sealed or Booster Draft), but are interested in finding choice singles for their constructed decks. Mark Rosewater, lead designer of Magic, outlined the contents of Set Boosters in a recent article.


  • Ten (10) Draft Booster packs
  • One (1) block of basic lands
  • One (1) oversized 20-sided spindown die
  • One (1) Zendikar Rising set player’s guide
  • One (1) storage box
Bundles are a convenient way to bolster your collection and to obtain basic lands necessary for future deckbuilding. The included storage box is very useful, as well.

Commander Collection: Green is a boxed set of eight reprinted cards themed to one color and what it does best—in this case green, the color of big mana and big creatures! These cards have been selected to showcase the things green mages love to do in Commander, and each one has been given brand-new art with loads of references to popular legendary characters. They’ll be right at home in your favorite green deck alongside their legendary counterparts!

There are two versions of Commander Collection: Green—a regular and a premium edition. The regular version contains all eight cards in non-foil. The premium edition will contain all eight cards in gorgeous foil!

Regular Edition


Premium Edition