Weekend Teen D&D

All classes now online – We are using Discord voice and video chat for games!

Saturday 1pm – 4pm (14 – 17 yrs old)

Sundays 10am – 4pm (12 -13 yrs old)

Every Saturday and Sunday, players will explore unforgettable stories and exciting adventures.  D&D offers an excellent extracurricular activity teaching strategic thinking, teamwork, and creative writing, while participants enjoy a casual and safe social setting. 

Please take note of the appropriate age groups! Saturdays are teens 14-17, and Sunday are teens 12-13 years old.

Tickets to each session cost $15 apiece.  Players are encouraged to bring their favorite characters from home (characters must meet DM approval!).  Signups for each week will be closed by Friday evening at 10:00 pm.  If you miss the signup deadline, please send exception requests to RPGS@Hexnyc.com.

Use the links below to join us!

March – All games online!

Teen Group

DM Carter, Saturdays @ 1 pm

Preteen Group

DM Olie, Sundays @ 10 am

Preteen Group

DM John, Sundays @ 11 am

Preteen Group

DM Olie, Sundays @ 1 pm