Journey Through the Dark Mists of Ravenloft in

Explore the mysteries of Barovia and it’s dark lord in this best-selling gothic horror setting for D&D 5th Edition!

Our pick for January RPG of the month, Curse of Strahd is the must-play Adventure for any D&D group.

Become a heroic monster slayer, or a scheming thief; be a beacon of hope, or play on the fears of the people to increase your power…
The Choices are yours in this open-ended setting!

Fight Werewolves, Undead, Vampires, and the Salavich Woods themselves as you cling to life in opposition of the Dark Lord Strahd!

Hex has everything you need to prep for your dark Campaign!

Deluxe Metalic Dice sets from Foam Brain Games


Curse of Strahd: Offical Dungeon Master’s Screen


“Deck of Many” animated spell cards


Curse Of Strahd:
D&D Adventure Book


Dice Bags from Red King –soft, durable faux suede material


Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures:
Vampire Hunters