We are currently taking preorders!

— Important note regarding shipping —

By default, preorders are assumed to be for in-store pickup on or after the product’s release date.

If you would prefer to have your product shipped, please note:
Upon the product’s arrival at our store, we will generate an invoice for shipping and handling costs (this invoice will not be available upon completion of your transaction on this preorder page). This invoice will be sent via e-mail, with costs based on shipping to your mailing address; you’ll supply us both your e-mail address and mailing address while completing your preorder. Once we receive remittance of this separate shipping and handling invoice, we’ll get your product sent out right away via UPS or USPS.

We’re currently offering preorders for Draft Booster and Collector Booster boxes.
Check back soon for Set Booster boxes, as well as other products in the Kaldheim line.

Kaldheim Draft Booster box


Kaldheim Collector Booster box


Our prerelease allotment of Collector Booster boxes has already sold out. The Collector Booster boxes currently available for preorder will arrive in the second allocation of product, which normally coincides with the release date (the weekend after prerelease). We can’t guarantee the product’s arrival and/or availability immediately upon release, given continuing issues with distribution chains, but we will  hold your product aside as soon as it arrives at the store.