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About US

Hex&Co. locations are proud to serve game hobbyists, college students, professionals, and families alike!  We strive to meet the needs of our local patrons with excellent customer service and support, as well as provide our unique enthusiasm and knowledge on everything from your daily coffee brew to our favorite games and craft beer recommendations.

Our network of board game cafes are dedicated to providing a fun, safe, and inclusive environment for our respective communities to enjoy; whether you are grabbing a coffee to go, or arriving for a multi-hour marathon game session.

We hope you might join us for a weekend outing, date night, evening off with friends, morning study session, or just stop by on your way to work and say hello!  Join an ever-growing community that calls Hex&Co. their home away from home.

Don’t forget to check out our discord server to meet our team and friends, or drop us an email at us@hexnyc.com.

Hex&co. Policy FAQ

We charge $10 per person to sit for walk-in customers, this fee includes:

  • Access to our board game library of over one-thousand games. 
  • No time-limit for walk-ins Monday – Friday! To make sure everyone gets a chance to play, we do restrict walk-in gameplay time on Saturday and Sunday to three hours.  
  • We offer a child and student discount, charging $8 per person Monday through Thursday (excluding holidays).

We welcome guests for café and co-working seating gratis with the purchase of food or drink; but cannot guarantee gratis seating for any length of time.  Our primary mission is to be a place for community play, and we will ask non-gameplaying guests to make space as necessary.

Hex&Co. does not offer Co-working services at all stores, and while we welcome guests who wish to take advantage of our gratis seating, we cannot accept payment for co-working time.  All non-gameplaying guests may be asked to make space, should available seating space run out.

Typically Weekday mornings and early afternoons are the best time to take advantage of gratis seating!

We are proud to offer café services to all guests, as well as retail shopping support and general information regarding our space and what we do!  Our open board game library is our primary attraction, with over 1000 board games to choose from.  Alcoholic beverages are available at specific locations – check your specific store home page for more information about each of our location’s menus.

While we do our very best to always be available for all customer service needs, unfortunately our staff are not always available to teach games or help guests navigate our open board game library.  

Food and drink orders are taken at our front register, and our staff can run your order to your table once prepared, but unfortunately we do not provide full table service.

Yes!  Hex&Co. hosts on-site wifi for paying customers.

Yes!  We have one of the largest board game and hobby retail selections in the city, with knowledgeable staff that can help you find what your looking for; be it a game for your home collection, a new RPG book, or the perfect gift for the tabletop hobbyist in your life!

Hex&Co. locations are currently brick-and-mortar only, and we do not offer online shopping at this time.  

Yes! We sell singles in person at our west side and online here.

For information about magic acquisitions please check out our buylist and aquisitions page.

While Hex and Company proudly sells sealed Pokemon and Flesh and Blood products we only support the purchase and sale of singles for Magic: the Gathering at this time. 

Yes!  As long as we have seating space available we take walk-ins during all operation hours.  Should we be full up, we can put walk-ins on a seating waitlist to be contacted by phone when a table is available.  We try to reserve seating space for walk-ins every day, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee walk-in seating if store events or reservations have us fully booked.  

If you want guaranteed seating, we recommend booking your group in advance through our reservation system.  

Yes!  You can use the menu link at the top of the page, or click here to access our online reservation portal. 

Reservations allow you to reserve seating for specific times for your group, up to a maximum group size of twelve.  Reservations are charged starting at $15 per person and have a time limit of three hours.  Hex&Co. can also host large events (we specialize in kids birthday parties!), email us for more information at US@hexnyc.com.

We unfortunately cannot offer reservations same-day or over the phone.

No, unfortunately for a variety of reasons we do not allow outside food or drink on the premises. 

We ask that any guests under the age of twelve are accompanied by a guardian of age thirteen or older.  This guardian must be capable and have means of contacting the legal guardians of all guests they accompany in case of emergency.

Hex&Co. offers afterschool and summer camp programs should you require child care services.

Meet the hex&C0. owners


Greg founded The Uncommons, Manhattan’s first board game cafe, in 2013. Running out of space for his rapidly growing collection, he found some friends to help start the business, bringing coffee, beer, wine, tea, and a wide menu to Greenwich Village- along with one of the largest demo libraries in the world. The collection quickly outgrew that space too, and is now on semi-permanent loan to Hex & Company. The Uncommons continues to serve as a home for NYU gamers, and occupies the former home of The Village Chess Shop.
Some of Greg's favorite games include Lords of Waterdeep, Star Realms, Pandemic Legacy, Catan, and Splendor.

[Prior to creating The Uncommons, Greg traveled around the world, living in places as far afield as San Francisco, Honolulu, and Beijing, China. A native of Newton, Iowa and graduate of GWU in Washington, DC, he’s worked in fields as diverse as photography, education, web design, computer security, and journalism.


Jon founded The Brooklyn Strategist, in Carroll Gardens in 2012, responding to his daughter’s desire for a better after school program. It grew from there into one of the area’s most popular board game cafes, with a special focus on children and families, after-school programs and summer camps. Jon recognized that when they played board games together, kids were actively participatory, learning fundamental strategies and more advanced concepts.

Jon's favorite games include: Strat-O-Matic Baseball and Football, Puerto Rico, Go, Scrabble and Railways of the World.

Prior to starting The Brooklyn Strategist, he developed and ran a state-of-the-art, Neuroscience Research facility. As Director of Neuroscience Research, Dr. Freeman managed over 40 employees and was responsible for overseeing scientific and ethical clinical trial research. As a consultant, Dr. Freeman has advised companies regarding study development and data analyses. And during his years of private psychotherapy practice, Jon worked with a wide range of clientele.